Is Silksong Xbox Exclusive

Is Silksong an Xbox Exclusive?

A recent article on IGN suggests that Microsoft may have secured an exclusive rights deal for the new game from developer Diego Games, Silksong.

This has not been confirmed by either Microsoft or Diego Games, so it is currently unclear whether the game will be an Xbox exclusive.

If it is an Xbox exclusive, then it will be a major win for Microsoft as they try to compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The game is a sequel to the popular platformer game Cuphead, which was released on Xbox and PC in 2017.

It is not clear what platforms Silksong will be released on, but it is possible that it may also be released on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Diego Games has not released a statement about the deal, and has not commented on the rumours.

Microsoft has also not commented on the rumours.

It is possible that we may hear more about this in the coming weeks.

We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Will Silksong be on PS4?

There has been a great deal of speculation over whether or not the upcoming game Silksong will be released on the PlayStation 4. The game’s developers, Twisted Pixel, have not yet made a statement on the matter, and so the question remains unanswered.

There are a few factors that could play into the decision of whether or not to release Silksong on the PS4. For one, Twisted Pixel has previously released their games on Xbox consoles before bringing them over to PC. It’s possible they may want to continue this trend and release Silksong first on Xbox One. Secondly, Sony has been tightening their grip on indie developers in recent years, mandating that they release their games through the PlayStation Store. This could make it difficult for Twisted Pixel to release Silksong on PS4 without losing a significant portion of their profits.

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Ultimately, it’s hard to say whether or not Silksong will be released on the PS4. Twisted Pixel has not given any indication either way, and so it’s all speculation at this point. Fans of the game will just have to wait and see what the developers decide.

What consoles will Silksong be on?

There’s been no word as to which consoles Silksong will be available on, but it’s a fair assumption that it will be on most if not all of them. The first game, Ori and the Blind Forest, was released on Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4, so it’s likely that the sequel will follow suit.

There’s been no confirmation yet, but it’s possible that Silksong will also be released on the Nintendo Switch. The first game was ported to the Switch a few months after its initial release, so it’s likely that the sequel will also make its way to Nintendo’s console at some point.

There’s also a chance that Silksong will be released on Apple’s upcoming streaming service, Apple Arcade. It’s unclear whether or not the service will launch before Silksong is released, but it’s a possibility.

In short, it’s likely that Silksong will be released on Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Apple Arcade. We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from Moon Studios to know for sure.

Is Silksong a Microsoft exclusive?

Is Silksong a Microsoft exclusive?

Silksong, a sequel to the popular game Cuphead, was announced at Microsoft’s E3 conference on June 9, 2019. The game is being developed by Studio MDHR, the creators of Cuphead.

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While the game has not been announced for other platforms, it is not clear at this point whether or not Silksong is a Microsoft exclusive. In a tweet following the game’s announcement, Studio MDHR said “We’re not announcing any other platforms yet, but we’ll have more news on that soon.”

Neither Microsoft nor Studio MDHR have commented further on the matter, so it is not clear whether or not Silksong will be a Microsoft exclusive. It is possible that the game may eventually be released on other platforms, but at this point it is not clear what the plans are.

Will Silksong be on Steam?

Whether or not Silksong will be released on Steam has yet to be confirmed, but the game’s developer, Twisted Pixel, is interested in the possibility.

In an interview with USGamer, the studio’s president and co-founder, Michael Wilford, said that they are “talking to Valve about it” and that he would “love to see it on Steam.”

However, Wilford also cautioned that there are no guarantees, as Valve may not have the same interests in the game.

Silksong is a sequel to the acclaimed platformer Celeste, which was released in 2018.

The game is currently in development, with a tentative release date of early 2020.

Is Silksong coming to PC?

Yes, it has been confirmed that Silksong, the sequel to the popular indie game Celeste, is coming to PC.

The game’s developers, Matt Thorson and Noel Berry, made the announcement on July 9th in a blog post on the game’s website.

According to the post, the game is still in its early stages of development, but they are hoping to have a beta available in early 2020.

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Silksong is a side-scrolling platformer in the vein of its predecessor, Celeste. It stars a new protagonist, Brie, who sets out to rescue her sister from the grip of the evil Queen Sectonia.

The game promises to be even more difficult than Celeste, with new mechanics and obstacles to overcome.

Fans of Celeste are sure to be excited for the release of Silksong, and it is sure to be a hit with PC gamers as well.

Does Silksong have a release date?

There is no definite answer to the question of whether or not Silksong has a release date. However, there are several clues that suggest that it may be released in the near future.

In an interview with IGN, the game’s director, Tom Happ, stated that he was “hoping to have it out this year.” Additionally, the game’s website includes a section that says “Coming Soon.”

While there is no definite release date yet, it seems likely that Silksong will be released in the near future.

Is Hollow Knight 2 Xbox exclusive?

Hollow Knight 2 is an upcoming video game for the Xbox One. The game is a sequel to Hollow Knight, which was released in 2017.

The game is being developed by Team Cherry, the same team that developed the first Hollow Knight game.

So far, there is no information on whether or not the game will be released on other platforms.